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How we could work together is not rocket science.

  • If you’ve got a great story, I’d love to write it, direct it, produce it, all of the above. Or maybe you’re just looking for some guidance or advice. Happy to help.

  • If you’re intrigued by one of the stories in the Ginger Beard slate, let’s talk.

  • If believe that joining forces in some capacity would be mutually beneficial, I'm all ears.

That part is easy. Just reach out.

Joe McClean, Ginger Beard, Life Tracker
Joe McClean, Ginger Beard
Joe McClean, Ginger Beard
Joe McClean, Ginger Beard

What might not be so clear is “why Joe McClean?” It’s likely you haven’t heard of the movies I’ve made… Yet. That seems like a gimmick, right? Using the word “Yet?” I would agree if I couldn’t back it up. I have two projects right now that are finished and working their way toward audiences: my movie Viral, starring Blair Underwood, Sarah Silverman, and Alfre Woodard, and my 2-book series, Sins of Survivors, from Amistad, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishing.

And whatever attention, large or small, comes from the release of those stories, I’m ready to capitalize with a slate of great scripts, a thriving list of industry contacts, and an iron clad reputation for threading the needle, finding a way, and getting the work done.

I’m not a recognizable name that’s been making industry waves for decades, and I’m not the hot young thing discovered on tiktok and handed a movie franchise. No. I’m the workhorse. I have a string of movies behind me, ranging in budgets from nothing to 5mil+, and I have a library of scripts that I’ll use to climb higher. For me it’s been one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. The marathon.

I can physically show you my history of growth, on the page and the screen.

I can bury you in scripts that are ready to go.

I’ve managed crews of hundreds, taken projects from the page to distribution, and my history working in independent film means I’ve worn many hats, maybe too many, but I always do what’s needed to reach the finish line.

I’ve got a solid foundation to build upon, and frankly, not being at the top of the Hollywood food chain means I have tremendous potential for continued growth.

Ready to chat?

Let’s schedule a time.

Joe McClean, Ginger Beard
Joe McClean, Ginger Beard, Screenwriter, Director, Producer
Joe McClean, Ginger Beard, Screenwriter, Director, Producer
Joe McClean, Ginger Beard, Screenwriter, Director, Producer
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