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Features, Shorts, Docs, and Webseries 
written and directed
By Joe McClean

"To be or not to be"

The speech shot as a short film to be used in a future short subject doc. (Video not yet released)

Life Tracker (Trailer only)

If DNA could predict your biological future, would you want to know?


A son has coffee with his biological father he never met. Sales and distribution through Gonella Productions.

"Money, Please!"

How a popular real estate boardgame took down the of the American Family.

Apartment 306 - Episode 1of 4

What happens when Joe McClean decides to make a documentary webseries to uncover the mystery of his strange neighbor?


Based on the short story by acclaimed children's author Roald Dahl, two men secretly switch wives when they become board with sex.

How To Make A David Lynch Film

A comical short how-to. Runner up of industry choice and Grand Jury awards at Dances With Films.

Boy Talk

A rauncy web series about unlikely best friends. 

Just Another Joe

One man's death causes a dimensional traffic Jam. (Shot as a test for VFX editing)


A scene from a script called NAMASTE where the "boy meets girl."  (Shot as a camera test for another project)

FUPSA - Episode 6

One of many offensive, 30-second, F***ed Up Public Service Announcements. (The rest can be found on

Coffee Connection

Fed up with the dating scene, a couple is left with no other option than telepathy. (The first short I ever wrote and directed)

Directed Mad Gabs

David F.M. Vaughn hosts as bar goers in West Hollywood play the board game MAD GABS under his direction.

That Fall (montage)

A scene from THAT FALL. Written by Joe McClean. Directed by Sarju Patel.

Travesty - Day 1 of 4

A young woman is taken hostage by a man who has a decades long beef with her father. Written and produced by Joe McClean. Directed by Sarju Patel. 

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