Press Quotes


Film Threat


"The film can get your brain spinning"


"The pieces are all there, but you’ve got to get mentally involved to have real fun here."

 - re: Life Tracker


I Am Rogue


"It's a film of big ideas and nuanced characters reacting emotionally to a new device with global ramifications.  It is far headier, personal, and ambitious than, say, extraterrestrial robots disguised as new-model cars."

 - re: Life Tracker

Arizona Republic


"The ideas McClean, from Phoenix, puts on screen are creative and original. And his technical skill is outstanding."

 - re: Life Tracker

Giant Freakin Robot


"Life Tracker is definitely a movie to check out.Sci-fi with a unique approach, horror in a nontraditional genre sense, this has a cool hook, and doesn’t shy away from big moral questions, ideas of fate and destiny, as well examining more personal notions of friendship and relationships."

 - re: Life Tracker




"Best of all, it is one of the few films of the found-footage vogue to actually come up with a rationale for the gimmick that is reasonably inspired."

 - re: Life Tracker

Hollywood Report Card


"Cool story, well-sussed out. My girlfriend was glued to it."


"it's rather obvious these filmmakers know what they're doing. I look forward to more work from them."

 - re: Life Tracker

Watch Play Read


"This film was moving, frustrating, and very real.  I’m glad Joe made this film, and I am glad he is sharing it."

 - re: Strangers

1nflux Magazine


"Joe McClean has provided an excellent first feature film, and, according to my DNA print reading, I will apparently be highly anticipating what he delivers next."

 - re: Life Tracker

Rogue Cinema


"This is a solid sci-fi film, told with depth and intelligence. It has a simple premise, but it still manages to pack a tremendous emotional thump. “Life Tracker” is a mesmerizing and moving apocalyptic thriller."

 - re: Life Tracker

Screen Invasion


"Strong Story Behind LIFE TRACKER Proves Originality In Filmmaking Isn’t Dead"

 - re: LIfe Tracker