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About Joe McClean

After studying Shakespeare in college, nepotism from a construction worker Uncle in NJ delivered the education that would actually keep Joe fed. Over the years, his time swinging a hammer dwindled as he studied at the Royal National Theatre, acted in touring children's theater, wrote & directed indie films, joined the WGA, and started a family... And on occasion, he still opens his toolbox.

He has developed and written films, television, and limited-series - both for himself and for hire. His education and history as an actor give him a focus on character driven stories; while having dragged three indie features from the written page to distribution developed his pragmatic view of what is physically and financially possible to achieve within a production's means.

Joe has pitched to major studios and production companies including MGM, Fox, AMC, Miramar, Sony/Capcom, Wonder St., Zero Gravity, G-Unit, Valhalla, Screen Arcade, Medina Co., and more. He's felt the crippling agony of the hurry up and wait of Hollywood, screened shorts, and features at dozens of small to mid-sized festivals, and seen his writing advance to the final rounds of literary competitions. The pilot for his 4-part limited series P.O.W. Story was a finalist for the 2020 Humanities Award at the Austin Film Festival.

Currently Joe is in post production on Viral, written and produced by Joe, directed and starring Blair Underwood, and also starring Sarah Silverman, Jeanine Mason, and Alfre Woodard. He's also signed to a 2-book deal with Harper Collins Publishing.

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